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June 9 MOS Meeting
Let's Go to the River...

The St. Joe River, that is. Yes, we're going to the lovely home of John Bannow, overlooking the river. We'll stroll around the grounds and check out John's greenhouse. Inside, we'll look through the basement under-lights area and terrariums; then we'll relax on the patio and watch the many species of birds enjoying the sunflower seed and suet buffet.

Speaking of buffets, this is a potluck meeting, so bring your favorite goodies to share for lunch. We'll have a short meeting and discuss our participation in the "Arts in Bloom" Garden Walk. Bring your blooming orchids for Bring 'n' Brag, too.

Our Saturday, June 9 meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.

See you there!
John's BLC Burgandy Delight  12/12/15
John's BLC Burgandy Delight 12/12/15
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